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Former ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie

By any measure, 2018 has been exceptionally bad for the ABC. And that's even without the extraordinary sacking of Michelle Guthrie, Justin Milne quitting and the subsequent public tit-for-tat. Some of the ABC's misfortune has been forced upon it -- the budget cuts, the political attacks -- but the broadcaster has not made it easy for itself, with its own share of self-inflicted wounds to deal with.

General internal messes

The big one, of course, was the sacking of managing director Michelle Guthrie in September. It was just the first bombshell in a series of revelations and allegations about Guthrie and ABC chair Justin Milne. Guthrie has since announced she's suing the ABC for unfair dismissal, the Senate launched an inquiry into allegations of political interference, and each were interviewed in an unedifying display for the ABC's Four Corners.