Donald Trump


Borders and immigration are one of those issues that causes chaos at both ends of the political spectrum. Just as the neoliberal right finds the border control obsession of the nationalist right quaint and an impediment to economic efficiency, so the “let them all come” sentimentalists of the left object to the industrial left’s opposition to unchecked immigration. At Overland, the latter battle plays out with a far-left critique of Angela Nagle; (The Economist last year argued we’d be US$78 trillion richer with open borders).

Then there’s the impact on the ground: Deutsche Welle reports on the huge population drain bring inflicted on eastern European countries by immigration to western Europe. Japan is trying to open itself to more foreign workers, but might struggles to attract them. American Christian faiths are torn on migration from Mexico and the Trump administration’s response. And that United Nations Global Migration Compact (which Australia, rightly, steered clear of) is causing major splits (and major lying by the right) in Europe, as well as violence.