anti-corruption Scott Morrison

It's not as if we're short of emblems, summations and demonstrations of why voter trust in our system of government is collapsing, but Scott Morrison's "Commonwealth Integrity Commission" is better than most. It literally embodies exactly the rotten state of contemporary politics and voters' belief the system works only for vested interests.

As any number of observers have noted, there is no capacity for public hearings by the body's proposed public sector integrity division (the other planned area is the existing, useless Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity, which will be moved into the new commission). The reason Scott Morrison presumably doesn't want public hearings is that he saw too many MPs and powerbrokers from his own NSW Liberal division exposed by the NSW ICAC for crimes, misconduct and taking dodgy donations; he, like the rest of us, watched in agony as Barry O'Farrell -- the best Australian premier in a generation -- was caught out by it.