Home and Away TV Ratings
Last night's top non-news program, Home and Away (Image: 7plus)

I was swallowed by a book on black holes (aka Australian summer TV viewing) last night. Hopefully I won’t miss the 2018 finals of Hard QuizShaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell and Tomorrow Tonight on the ABC tonight, because no other channel has anything of remote interest. Even surfing a black hole would be more entertaining -- it was last night. Home and Away was the most watched non-news program with 909,000 viewers. Says it all about how unwatchable the rest of the post-news offerings were.

In regional markets Seven’s 6pm News led with 467,000, Seven News/Today Tonight with 441,000, Home and Away with 349,000, the 7pm ABC News with 310,000 and the 5.30pm part of The Chase Australia with 309,000.