Milo Yiannopoulos

Scandals are like trams, in that they have flanged wheels and use an overhead electric power system. Also, three come at once after a long hiatus. Gliding in as the Lawyer X scandal powers up is the Great Milo Yiannopoulos Right-Wing Cluster-fuck Email Dump, which is a real Christmas treat. With Milo, Neil Erikson, Penthouse and a duo named the Spiller brothers involved, what’s not to like?

Milo is of course the "right wing provocateur" of recent fame -- a British-Greek chancer who came up through tech journalism, and used "Gamergate" to cross over into the foetid world of US-British right-wing provocation. Gay, gay-married, smart and funny in a Spectator-ish way among mouth-breathers, his brilliant US-UK career was derailed somewhat by protests closing down his campus lecture tours, and the surfacing of a radio transcript of him talking "neutrally" about paedophilia.