Lawyer X
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton. (Image: AAP/Ellen Smith)

Where does one start in analysing what was a well-known "secret" in Melbourne legal circles but which has now been exposed to the world by Australia’s highest court? Yesterday, the High Court finally lifted the lid on the fact that Victoria Police, in its "ends justifies the means" approach to closing down Melbourne’s notorious gangland decade of serious criminal activity, had used a criminal lawyer as an informer. Transparency finally won out over suppression.

The High Court decision reveals that an experienced Victorian barrister known in the High Court proceedings as EF (elsewhere referred to as "Lawyer X"), who acted for Gangland criminals such as Tony Mokbel, agreed in 2003 to be a police informer, and that from 2005 was part of the informer program of Victoria Police. Much has already been published on the details of her involvement.