Crikey readers in NSW have long taken exception to the "good" light the Berejiklian government is cast in when compared to their shambolic federal cousins -- they feel it betrays the state government's own significant shortcomings. Yesterday they showed as much when responding to Bernard Keane on the threat of Scott Morrison bringing down the NSW Liberal government. Elsewhere, readers continued to discuss the necessity of student rallies to combat climate change, and the absurd conservative responses to them.

On the fate of the Berejiklian government

John Quiggan writes: NSW Labor is certainly plagued with scandal, but the NSW Libs have lost a string of MPs in similar circumstances, most recently in Wagga. As for competence, what about the massive waste of public money on demolishing and rebuilding stadiums? And the continued farce of private-public hospitals. In what way is this government better than those in Victoria and Queensland which have delivered public services and whose scandals (red shirts and hospital renaming) are trivial by comparison with NSW?