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News Corp columnist Tim Blair.

After years of apocalyptic headlines and government intransigence on climate change, the sight of thousands of high school students packing Sydney’s Martin Place last Friday provided a jolt of much-needed hope for the future. Armed with loudspeakers, and some incredibly creative posters, the strike -- which also took place in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Coffs Harbour, Bendigo and other city centres -- represented part of a global surge of student-led climate change protests.

It also caused a surge of righteous fury among conservative politicians and commentators; a feeling that was not shared by most Australians who are more worried about climate change than ever, and increasingly are in favour of more renewable energyHere's a selection of the responses from those who chose to take a stand against the children advocating for their future:

Stay in school, kids!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison began the attacks earlier in the week, declaring that he wanted “more learning in schools and less activism in schools”. The responses from his party would only get weirder.