student climate change protest sydney rally scott morrison
Students rally in Sydney against climate inaction (Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

Readers took their time to rip into two particularly pressing issues over the weekend. The first was the government railing against Australian students walking out of classrooms to participate in climate protests. The second was on the government's attempt to exempt themselves from their own anti-encryption policy (which readers found to be a troubling double standard, to say the least). Elsewhere, we received responses to our latest Crikey Deep Dive series, questioning the role of the ABC.

On students' right to protest climate inaction

Klewso writes: These poor beknighted, selfish, brainwashed children -- leading the way, only interested in looking after the world we’re going to leave them as a result of our political decisions? Why can’t they be more constructive and rally for Adani or something that turns a profit for donors?