Scott Ludlam progressives

Something is on the turn. Slowly, and with increasing clarity, the Australian political and electoral map is being redrawn. Since the July byelections in Longman, Mayo and the rest of the "Citizenship Five" Super Saturday slate, not a single thing has gone right for Australia’s powerfully entrenched hard-right.

Longman lit the fuse on the fabulously misconceived coup against prime minister Turnbull, which rests the government’s fortunes in the hands of a prime minister almost maniacally out of his depth. The Wentworth byelection followed up as perhaps the most profound self-own in modern political history. Saturday’s blinder of an election loss for the Victorian Liberals cements the turn, and the resignation of disaffected Liberal MP Julia Banks to the swelling ranks of restive crossbenchers takes the government’s parliamentary fortunes into unmapped territory.