Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Well of course, after the triumph and the shouting in Victoria comes the hungover dawn, and the realisation -- what one already knew -- that Labor will be intolerable. With a twenty plus seat majority, and a hammering of the Greens (even though, on the numbers, they avoided disaster), any chance of exercising some leverage from the left is going to be hard yards indeed.

The stability of majority government is clearly what many people voted for -- crossing from the Libs to do so -- but it’s bad news for those that Labor is leaving behind, and for causes they don’t have much time for. Chief among those are people of Melbourne’s North and West, sequestered in safe Labor seats -- now, stonkingly safe seats -- who have been utterly ignored by Labor, as it pursued votes in the marginals in the south and east (remember marginals?).