Scott Morrison victorian election
(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Welcome to Crikey Comments: The Danslide Edition. As we began to roll out the big post-election takes yesterday, readers were right there alongside us, responding to Charlie Lewis on conservatives' weird way of handling defeat, Guy Rundle on the long road of progressive Victoria, Bernard Keane on the question of Michael Kroger's Liberal presidency, and William Bowe on the seats Victorian Labor pulled out from under the Liberals Party (amongst other stories). As is often the case, it's worth a deep dive into the conversations.

On conservative reasoning with defeat

mark e smith writes: I’ve long predicted that the magical thinking of climate denialism would gradually corrode the functionality of conservative politics by bleeding into other areas. Conservatives have become ever more inured to reality insulated and driven by the membership hurdle test of climate denial.

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