Scott Morrison NSW Liberals
Victorian Liberal leader Matthew Guy and Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Image: AAP/Daniel Pockett)

The official line from senior federal Liberals like Josh Frydenberg and Greg Hunt was that Saturday's 57-43% walloping in the Victorian election has nothing to do with federal issues. Today's Newspoll result, another 55-45% disaster for the government, suggests otherwise.

The Victorian Liberals didn't do themselves any favours -- especially not Michael Kroger's bizarre litigation against the party's key fundraising arm -- but the fact Scott Morrison wasn't invited to the campaign doesn't mean he escapes the blame. We keep hearing how unpopular Bill Shorten is, but for an unpopular guy he sure spends a lot of time on the ground in successful election campaigns. In NSW -- Morrison's home state -- Gladys Berejiklian was yesterday flagging she wouldn't be looking to the Prime Minister for any help in her campaign in March. Nothing to do with federal issues, eh?