Foley resigns
Luke Foley resigns as NSW Labor leader at a press conference. Image credit: Joel Carrett/AAP

Luke Foley should have resigned as NSW Labor leader the moment the ABC released Ashleigh Raper's statement on Thursday afternoon. It was immediately apparent from the allegations made by Raper that his leadership was untenable.

Instead, hour after hour went by during the afternoon, with no word from Foley or NSW Labor. It was not until more than three hours later that one of his MPs, Trish Doyle, called for him to resign. Belatedly, Foley announced his exit at 5.30pm, insisting that Raper's claims were all false and that he would be suing her, but that he couldn't do that and fight an election at the same time. Foley's apparent determination to litigate over the issue ensures the matter will now remain in the headlines all the way to the election next March -- and beyond.