Malcolm Turnbull Q&A special

A surprise on TV last night was the way Craig Kelly tore himself away from Sky News After Dark’s talking clones (Craig’s natural home) and appeared on Matter of Fact on the ABC, hosted by Stan Grant. Their topic was the hour long appearance that had just ended on the ABC main channel -- Malcolm Turnbull, in a special edition of Q&A. Kelly has made so many appearances on Sky that he is now down to replace Ross Cameron as a host of Outsiders.

The Q&A special grabbed 956,000 viewers -- 50% more than the best it does on Monday nights. Q&A was sixth nationally (666,000 in the metros and 290,000 in the regions). Those figures confirm that Turnbull’s rejection by the Liberal Party still interests viewers -- especially older viewers who are the party’s natural base. Matter of Fact was watched by 79,000 people last night on ABC News, much more than any program on Sky News or Foxtel got last night.