The bachelorette TV ratings

The Bachelorette (772,000 nationally last night) is now down to its last four clones. Does it matter? Nope; it is a series heading towards a Blind Date. Elsewhere last night's Bride and Prejudice averaged 912,000, the second outing of Tomorrow Tonight on the ABC averaged 776,000, down from 871,000 for the debut last week (and not as interesting). ABC TV’s Hard Quiz (1.11 million) and Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (1.07 million) stood out as the two most watched non-news programs last night. Seven’s night, with the ABC third again in total people and the main channels as Ten’s tough summer kicks in.

Unfortunately for The Bachelorette's Ali, the real man in our mundane lives will be on the ABC TV at 8pm tonight. Malclom Turnbull, The Prince of Point Piper on a special Q&A. Ali and her quartet of clones will have to sprawl across a settee or two and see if Mal has the guts to really call it as it was, especially on that mad week in August