Mark Latham Pauline Hanson One Nation

Crikey readers had the expected reaction to the news of Mark Latham teaming up with Pauling Hanson’s One Nation yesterday (some pointed out that it’s a reflection on us, if anything). Elsewhere, there was division in the comments of Bernard Keane’s look into the Andrews government and their secret deals with China.

On the marriage of the houses of Latham and Hanson

zut alors writes: I predict this relationship will last longer than Mal Meninga’s political candidacy back in 2001. Just.

Pauline writes: Trump got in. We should consider the possibility these guys could go all the way, as scary as that may be.

Bref writes: We love to criticise the Yanks and the Brits about their politics don’t we. The US, pathetically, has had a huge pro Trump turnout. But look at the insanity happening in our own back yard! 

TheRabidHamster writes: As it is, Latham no longer has the discipline, energy or ideas that might once have allowed him to Trumple his way to power. There could be some entertainment to be had when his focus comes upon that marketing shyster in the big blue bus. Morrison’s half arsed attempt at the every-man shtick is bound to stick in Latham’s craw and there could be a spot of drama when Latham decides that there is value in pulling Morrison apart.

On Daniel Andrew’s China deals

Arky writes: State governments have responsibilities for areas which the Feds don’t. State governments of all stripes do commercial deals to bring investment, business and jobs to their states, to build infrastructure, and so on. This includes deals with foreign entities.

The idea that State governments are obligated to involve DFAT at the best of times is laughable. The idea that the Andrews government would be obligated to involve the current Federal Muppet show that would be out to wreck anything Andrews is trying to achieve is even more laughable. But hey, it’s coming from Uhlmann, the man who threw a wobbler over News Corp’s attacks on Turnbull but has no issue with their attacks on anyone else, funny about that.

As for the secrecy, the degree to which all levels of government in Australia keep their deals confidential is concerning but neither new nor specific to Andrews or Labor nor specific to this deal.

Oldie writes: we have to keep government accountable. Bernard is right that it’s fishy that it happened at this time of the year, just when Labor could do with an extra amount of electioneering assistance.

AR writes: I’m surprised that BK hasn’t noticed the large towing shackles currently being attached to the Darwin Ports — it won’t be too long before they are wrenched from the land mass and repositioned, perhaps in the South China Sea.

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