Image credit: AAP/Simon Dallinger

There’d be some justice if the Morrison government was, improbably, re-elected next year. In two shorts months, it has achieved a marvel of political alchemy: the distillation and crystallisation of the worst aspects of modern Australia.

This goes beyond the didja-see-the-footy-don’t-tell-the-wife World’s Straya's Best Dad persona of Scomo -- Scomes, soon, surely? -- and his man-of-the-burbs mugging for the cameras. And it goes beyond the way “looking after your mates” is the actual foundational value of his government – whether it’s Stuart Robert, Morrison’s mate who was otherwise inexplicably returned to ministerial status, or the Liberal Party’s fossil fuel industry mates, or the constant pandering to those top Liberal mates, the radio shockjocks and gibbering reactionaries on pay TV.