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As the week wraps up, we have a grab-bag of conversations happening across the Crikey landscape. Firstly, there’s Charlie Lewis’ ongoing look at how counter-terrorism has failed to check the growth of white-supremacist extremists. Elsewhere, there was the dismal record of Australian climate policy when compared to even our conservative European counterparts, and an interesting note on the repeated allegations of the Daily Mail lifting copy from previously published exclusive stories.

On the legacy of counter terrorism

Citizen K writes: Given the mounting evidence of links between domestic violence and terrorism, perhaps a much larger chunk of funding should be redirected to programs for preventing violence (mostly male) in homes and family contexts?

Ng GJB writes: So where is the evidence that any of the current funding to combat radicalisation of any type is being spent wisely? Man Haron Monis should have been in custody on attempted murder charges at the time of the siege. Perhaps the legal system needs to be more accountable for the outcome.

On Australia’s trailing of European climate policy

Joe Black writes: Sadly, I think any number of members of our current Government would be pleased if we inspired other countries to follow our lead and do absolutely nothing.

Birdbrain writes: There are none so blind as those who cannot see further than the next handout from coal sponsors. Besides, to admit they’ve been wrong about climate change all these years would not fit well with their own self-image.

AR writes: Would that be the Germany that is knocking down a forest and beating and imprisoning protesters to get at the lignite beneath? Of course lignite is such a clean, carbon free fuel that one could put it on cornflakes – not like that nasty black thing Mr Shouty passed around Parliament last year. And la belle France, with 70% of its electricity nuclear.

Chris Gulland writes: Despite worldwide scientific proof, the degradation of the Barrier Reef, amongst other natural icons, and a plethora of opinion polls, even blind Freddy can see that a proactive environmental friendly policy is essential. In my opinion it can only be the backroom deals with lobbyists, and donations to political parties, which has infected the decision-making process of many of our local, old-school politicians. Time for a cohesive environmental policy and an election.

On the Daily Mail’s “plagiarism” allegations

Arky writes: I dunno, I’m more concerned about papers getting away with “fake news” and especially misleading headlines, with little or no effort to correct the record later, than I am with who regurgitates what.

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