Nauru children evacuation asylum seekers


The Coalition reportedly plans to evacuate every child from asylum seeker background from Nauru by the end of the year.

Following a recent increase in government transfers, multiple court-ordered medical evacuations and reports of children as young as seven attempting suicide, The Australian ($) reports that the government now has an “unofficial timeline” to evacuate roughly 40 remaining children from the island over the next two months.

News of the move, which would still leave hundreds of people detained on both Nauru and Manus Island, comes after Assistant Minister for International Development Anne Ruston continued to defend conditions on the island at yesterday’s Australian Council for International Development’s annual conference.


Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has knocked back an attempt from the Greens to form a Julia Gillard-style pact on climate and energy policy.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Greens leader Richard Di Natale and energy spokesman Adam Bandt unsuccessfully wrote to Labor counterparts to create an energy pact in last August, following the demise of Malcolm Turnbull and the National Energy Guarantee. Topics included support for the Greens’ current bill extending the Renewable Energy Target, a new storage target, a mechanism to ensure the orderly closure of coal-fired power stations, new plant air pollution standards, and a fund to transition coal workers.

In other party news, Labor’s left faction is campaigning for the peak council to reveal finance and governance information, and about 15 Nationals members have resigned in the face of an investigation into their alleged neo-Nazi and fascist ties.


Istanbul’s chief prosecutor has argued in his first official confirmation that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was strangled as soon as he walked into the Saudi consulate, before his body was dismembered and removed.

The Guardian reports that prosecutor Irfan Fidan also said initial conversation with his Saudi counterpart have “yielded no concrete result”, in a move that further undermines Saudi Arabia’s claims Khashoggi’s death was a result of a fight and that the two countries would supposedly cooperate for a joint investigation.


Oh please bitch I am the baddest shoplifter there is.

Joanna Nilson

The Greens candidate quits Victoria’s state election after The Herald Sun ($) discovers a treasure trove of 2015 comments which she has since clarified were made “in jest online”.


Norvill was preceded into the witness box by a parade of luminaries; a who’s who of Australian theatre. I didn’t see him do anything, said those who were in a position to see. He wouldn’t, said those who weren’t. Nope, she never complained to me. As Norvill had plaintively said to Robyn Nevin in a text message when the story first broke, ‘I’m fairly alone now’. Nevin expressed sympathy. But she swears she didn’t say to Norvill, ‘I thought Geoffrey had stopped doing that’.”

“Well, if people weren’t paying attention to the rise of the right before, they sure are now. The election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil has marked a new stage in the rock-slide rightwards of recent years. Bolsonaro, elected by a middle and upper class deserting centre-right parties, but also by a tranche of former Workers’ Party voters, can reasonably be called fascist, where the term is otherwise too easily used.”

“But the story didn’t make the cut for its flagship 7pm news bulletin. Nor did it make it onto the commercial news bulletins in Sydney. Instead, their hour-long programs, and the ABC’s half-hour bulletin, included stories about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Royal Tour continuing in New Zealand, court stories about Geoffrey Rush’s defamation action against The Daily Telegraph, a new hospital opening on Sydney’s northern beaches, crime stories, and petrol prices.”


Abbott open to police in remote schools

Liberal MPs and crossbench to push for live export ban after damning report

‘Success guaranteed’: Reef centre misses funding despite strong review

‘Fair dinkum power’: PM ‘inspires’ Atlassian co-founder to create pro-renewables brand

Thousands have signed a petition calling for work for the dole to be axed

Queenslanders will soon be protected under a Human Rights Act. Here’s what that means for you

Cast ‘enabled Geoffrey Rush’s behaviour’, claims Eryn Jean Norvill ($)

Malcolm Turnbull to appear on Q&A in first major interview since Morrison became PM

‘New frontier’: Green bank hits peak investment as renewable rush ebbs

Extremist due for release from jail sparks rush for new supervision laws ($)


Bill Shorten has lost part of himself ($) — Sam Dastyari (The Daily Telegraph):Bill Shorten lives in a straitjacket. No swearing. No boozing. No laughing at off jokes. You burnt my coffee? Well thank you for trying your best. You want a photo? Why of course… I would much rather hear your anecdote than spend time with my daughter. Most of us like to think that we are on our best behaviour all of the time. But in truth, we all have our off days. Since becoming Labor leader five years ago, Bill has not been allowed to have a single one.”

We are making a solemn promise to those who have served Australia ($) — Scott Morrison (The Australian): “We all say we love our country. What’s not to love? After all, we are a nation that is down-to-earth, fair and free. We are the envy of much of the world. We need to do more to respect and recognise our servicemen and women, including those who have been involved in the more recent chapters of our military history, such as the conflicts in Iraq and ­Afghanistan.”

Forget Barnaby Joyce’s affair – this is why he should not return to the leadershipLatika Bourke (Sydney Morning Herald): “Although Barnaby Joyce’s name is not mentioned, it is his legacy that informs Philip Moss’ damning report into the Department of Agriculture’s performance as the regulator of the live exports industry. The report doesn’t hold back. It accuses the department of being incompetent partly because of its culture, partly because of inexperienced staff but also because of deep cuts in areas concentrating on welfare standards.”


The Latest Headlines



  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison will present a keynote speech for “Asia Briefing Live”, a new foreign policy conference with Asia Society Australia. Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen will also present.

  • US Department of Energy Hydrogen Program manager Ned Stetson will present a keynote speech at a UTS Renewable Hydrogen Future conference.

  • Former Cricket Australia staffer Angela Williamson will speak at the Feminist Writers’ Festival.


  • Former prime minister Julia Gillard will launch a Beyond Blue initiative to address mental health in schools.

  • Victorian Greens leader Samantha Ratnam and Greens senator Jordon Steele-John will announce a comprehensive disability services package.

  • The Supreme Court of Victoria will hand down its decision in a test case on legal safeguards and protections for people facing compulsory electroconvulsive treatment.

  • The Senate Education and Employment References Committee will hold a hearing into the JobActive program.

  • Latin American activists and supporters will protest outside the International Mining and Resources Conference to coincide with the event’s “Latin Showcase”.

  • A $128 million state-of-the-art Club Stand will be unveiled in Flemington.

  • Crown Resorts will hold their annual general meeting.


  • UNICEF Australia chief Ann Sherry will present “‘Feeling invisible: Why is there no national agenda for Australia’s children and young people? – A report to the United Nations” at the National Press Club.

  • An Australian War Memorial redevelopment stakeholder event will unveil future plans for the Memorial and include director Dr Brendan Nelson, “Giving Campaign” ambassador Melissa Doyle, and council chairman Kerry Stokes.


  • Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack will speak at freight industry conference Future Freight. McCormack will also meet with autonomous vehicle industry representatives at the International Driverless Vehicle Summit.

  • South Australians of the Year will be announced for 2019. Dr Richard Harris, who took part in the Thai cave rescue, is among the finalists.

  • LiveCorp will hold a Livestock Export Industry AGM event.


  • Senator Cory Bernardi, Miranda Devine and Lyle Shelton will speak at A Young Conservatives North Queensland panel event “Has political correctness gone too far?”

  • ABC journalist Annabel Crabb will launch her new book Special Guest: Recipes for the happily imperfect host in-conversation with The Courier Mail’s Kathleen Noonan at The Old Museum.


  • Five WA authors of the recent IPCC report will speak on the 1.5°C global warming threat at a University of Western Australia event.

Bathurst, NSW

  • Day one of four-day regional arts festival Artstate Bathurst 2018.


  • NAB will release their full-year results.