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As the Liberals scratch their heads over how they could lose the blue-ribbon Wentworth, we’re surprised to learn that there are actually other stories going on in the world. Crikey readers asked how we can expect to take a stance on Saudi Arabia while we kowtow to the US. Elsewhere, readers indulged our byelection obsession, responding to how Scott Morrison handled, or mishandled, the Wentworth crash. 

On Australia’s delayed response to the Khashoggi killing

zut alors writes: Note that Australia only pulled out of the investment conference after US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin decided not to attend. I eagerly await the day our government has an original thought without relying on the USA’s guiding hand.

AR writes: The Saudis have made such a mess of excuses is because it is an entirely new experience to have to account for abominable behaviour, domestically or abroad. Entitlement is all encompassing and unbreachable when constructed of thick wads of cash which is unlikely to abate anytime soon. How does this attitude differ from the Drumfpster’s boast about shooting someone in Times Square or praising some political thug in Montana for roughing up a journalist? The principle is the same.

On Morrison’s Wentworth reaction

mark e smith writes: So one of the jewels in the Liberal crown is suddenly irrelevant according to the frothers. Bizarre. Scotty could try the coal hugging routine again but jokes like that are usually only funny once. Meanwhile, where’s Tony when you need a sound bite?

Sean Arthur writes: I believe that — against all logic — Malcolm Turnbull will carry every screwup that these clowns come up with from this day forth. This will go on until the next general election until that inevitable loss is laid at Turnbull’s front mat too. I can see ancient Australian conservative mythology being writ as we speak. It’s Malcolm what did it. He did it all.

Melbournegirl writes: Politicians often complain that they’re not able to get their message through or voters have “stopped listening”. I think the reverse is true at the moment — voters are very alert and alarmed. As a former advertising executive, Morrison should know that good advertising is the best way to kill a bad product.

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