Whiteness takes itself very, very seriously, even -- perhaps especially -- when it’s trying to be funny. No one illustrates this point better that “Lambassador” Sam Kekovich, who spent the Howard years delivering comic rants to the nation on behalf of the Meat & Livestock Association (MLA) in which he proclaimed that it was "unAustralian" not to celebrate Australia Day with a lamb barbeque.

In recent years, the MLA has attempted to reposition itself in order to target a younger and more diverse market than the old-school white Australia that had previously been their mainstay. Lee Lin Chin fronted a campaign in which a vegan’s lamb-free dinner-table was torched to a cinder by an Australia Day SWAT team, the 2016 Australia-Day-campaign-when-you’re-not-having-an-Australia-Day-campaign reimagined white settlement as a friendly beach barbeque in which boatloads of immigrants were welcomed to the country by friendly and hospitable and not-about-to-be-massacred Aboriginal inhabitants.