scott morrison fatman scoop

News that ScoMoses' latest brain bubble is to move the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has been greeted as something wholly connected to the Wentworth byelection. For lo, ScoMoses went up to the top of Bellevue Hill, and he returned with two tablets, and lo they were Panadol, for the headache this byelection hath become.

But is that just it? Or is Wentworth acting as a cover for yet another initiative on the happy-clappy agenda? Israel has assumed great importance in the evangelical Christian agenda in recent decades, as part of a wider notion of prophecy, largely fueled by the Book of Revelation, John’s gonzo acid-trip Bible finale. In this conception, to oversimplify somewhat, the return of the Jews to Israel signals the approach of the apocalypse, leading to the Day of Judgement.