2018 royal visit
Image credit: Peter Parks/AAP

I just found out I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. The visiting British royal couple were kind enough to point this out and they may do the same for you. To learn if you are likable, look in Their Highnesses’ direction. Then, look at your response. If it is indifferent, hostile, irritated, queasy or short of sentimental, you are probably not a cup of tea at all. Not without a lot of sugar, or stevia — a vile herb that tastes like saccharine, but healthier and worse.

Sweeten up with a sugar substitute. Become a sweet, sentimental creature fit to survive this sentimental time. This may be a useful and profitable lesson. It may result in you being liked by important people, or perhaps just people who admire important people. Either way, sentimentality is as it has been before: a refuge sought by many when times get uncertain and tough.