Pauline Hanson Ok to be white

I would like to hear a true declaration from Canberra. Just once, I could do without a lie. So many lies are spoken, but some of the worst and the ugliest were uttered yesterday.

You know what I mean. Let’s not describe it again. There was that politician and 27 others who were lying about a cultural threat or truly suffering some narcissistic form of flu.   

These 28 have all helped steal our wages. They have led us directly to our current condition of debt. They would all declare that the government debt is the problem, and not our private sort. They are all liars or idiots or both. All 28 gits stole from ordinary people for the sake of maintaining suck-up economics. But, all the politicians do this. No Canberra politicians I can think of use their mouth for truth.

Can none of them speak a truth disclosed in so many places? I don’t just read about the coming crisis in Red Flag. It’s there in The Australian, the Fin Review and over at the IMF. Suck-up economists warn that the private debt of ordinary people will lead to a finance crisis.

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But, the ordinary class lives in the coming crisis now. The more this crisis is falsely described by politicians and the more that it is deepened by the acts of politicians, the more desperate ordinary people will become. They may believe that some people think it is not okay to be white. If they listen to Di Natale they may believe that the whites have all the money.  

The Greens leader opened his mouth yesterday and said the worst thing he could. He revived my long aversion to the speech of all politicians and to voting Green. I vote for no party that risks enflaming real-life racial hatred for some brief online reward. He took the risk and then said this, “It’s not just okay to be white in Australia, it’s actually a ticket to winning the lotto”.

No. This is false. The true price of that ticket today is wealth. That this wealth is largely held by a very few, very white people is the truth. But any speech that seeks to divide us in hate is a lie. Perhaps this lie will be celebrated as truth by enough idiots on Twitter, and the Greens can get to sleep.

Yesterday, 28 ruling class arseholes did their Ordinary People act. All the politicians do this absurd theatre. We’re used to it. I am not quite so used to seeing them in their ordinary people drag while screeching racist rot.

I don’t care so much that they make white people out to be racists. We can cop the label “racist” on the chin. But when politicians misrepresent the threat that all white people pose to all people of colour, that’s when I really get the shits. People of colour deal with quite enough in this stupid nation at a time history will record as Peak Stupid.

No. Don’t threaten people like that. It is a self-fulfilling threat.

When they talk like that, we really must think about doing something. We could take our ordinary class and call out every lie in Canberra. We could show them, for the stinking sake of stats, that the ordinary people are not exclusively white. We could show them that ordinary white people are not all racist shits with winning tickets. Thanks, Richard.

Every politician can shut it. They can shut their foul speech down. We will stand inside their factory for the production of debt, lies and racial hatred. We will stand with ordinary others. We will repeat for as long as it takes the only truth heard in that hovel for years. We will tell them all that they are equal as liars.

These twits do not learn much. They don’t even bother to learn what our ordinary life is like. They know our lives have become ordinary enough for some to turn on others. They hope we’ll believe the lie that ordinary people are to blame.

Jeez. The lies. Whites are not under attack. Whites are not in with a chance at the lotto. These are the lies of abusive speakers and of lazy learners. Far too lazy to learn or to utter a truth I can read in the money pages any day. I doubt there’s many with any clue about a political economy. Most of these twits have learned slightly north of nothing, but they did learn how to lie.  

There are a few who understand the present and don’t lie to themselves. They know how anomie occurs, how racial hatred is renewed and how poverty is spread around with a spatula to make some impoverished people believe that they live above impoverished others. They know what Hanson is doing, even if she doesn’t. They know that Di Natale has not bothered to understand what “neoliberal” means.

These politicians who prefer to keep silent than ever tell a lie are possibly the worst. Those who refuse to declare a truth they see may be worse than all the liars. We will come for you lot, too. Eventually, we will come. This is not a lie.