The national audience for episode two of the new series of The Bachelorette last night dipped to 688,000, from 797,000 for episode one on Wednesday night. TV audiences are lower on Thursdays than on Wednesdays, so the dip could be explained that way. Let’s wait till next Wednesday for a more accurate reading. 

But it's clear that it probably won't be the show it was last year -- take a look at the solid ratings for Gogglebox (913,000 nationally), it was far more popular than The Bachelorette, and was the second most watched non-news program last night. 225,000 more people watched Gogglebox than The Bachelorette -- a near 33% jump. Condemned by the remote! Still, Ten will take its demo wins. They are rolled ratings gold, even though Nine won total people and the main channels.