Readers have raised their voices about the IPCC report on averting catastrophic climate change, and Australia’s response to it — particularly its lack thereof, as Bernard Keane writes. There was debate about whether the blame of climate policy gridlock is due to Coalition governments or to our flawed political system itself, though one thing was clear: readers want change.

Klewso writes: How can we possibly hope to compete, against these big donor patrons and their vested interests, for the attention of our elected representatives, when all we do is pay our taxes, their wages and vote for them to be “our” representatives?

Arky writes: The political system responded under the previous government with a system that was demonstrably reducing emissions. The Coalition is incapable of responding to the need to reduce emissions. A Coalition most of your colleagues not only backed into government but backed for reelection in the massively mistaken belief that Turnbull would turn into prince charming if only he won an election in his own right.

Nonetheless, they can be defeated at the ballot box, within the system, at which point a Labor government will take action on emissions. This is the kind of thing the Coalition loves — if both sides get the blame for the Coalition’s crap actions, they suffer no penalty for doing them relative to Labor. This encourages them to do it more.

Zut alors writes: Federal Environment Minister Melissa Price claims we will have technology by 2050 which will enable “good, clean… coal”. One of her flunkeys should apprise her we currently have technology which provides good clean power from renewables. It’s already here and doesn’t involve digging up and befouling Australia.

Dog’s Breakfast writes: Of course the politics is broken. How can anyone argue otherwise. “Oh Labor will get in and fix the mess”. Spare me. That is predicated on Labor winning and staying in power long enough to see off the last coal mine and coal powered generation, all while taking donations from fossil fuel companies.

FFS, get a grip. Our response to an existential threat (to our children) will be decided by a bunch of rusted on nongs, people who only vote one way because that’s what dad told them to, people so stupid they think Pauline Hanson is the answer (Christ knows what the question was) and a large portion of the population so burdened by debt and labour that they don’t care any more. And some on here think the politics isn’t broken! Really? Is that your line?

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