That the current US president is clinically bonkers is not an unpopular opinion. Shortly after the chap’s inauguration, diagnoses were widely shared. Today, the amateur shrinks of press continue their public assessment and we should all be very worried. Not for Donald Trump, who seems perfectly suited to the role of Malignant Narcissist in Chief. We should worry for the mental wellbeing of all those liberal US journalists soon to enter their third year of erratic delusion. An occasion they celebrate by writing about the pop singer, Taylor Swift.

You’ve got to feel for the poor bastards. They teeter each week between hope and despair. One minute, they’re buoyed with their daydreams of impeachment and in the next, paralysed by the nightmare of Kavanaugh. That Republican voters have been energised by the grubby appointment just in time for the midterms should be a matter for some introspection. Nah. Today’s denial takes the form: Why It Matters So Much When Taylor Swift Speaks.