In an ever-hotter world, where the world's scientists have demonstrated the urgent need to curb carbon emissions yet again if we're to prevent the colossal economic, natural and human costs associated with climate change, Australia's political system has comprehensively failed.

We currently have no climate policy beyond the next 18 months, and the government actually boasts about that. Our latest energy minister -- who has disappeared without trace since his first, embarrassing public outing -- is a campaigner against renewable energy. Australia's emissions are rising, and the government seeks to hide that by sneaking out the data when they hope no one is looking. Australian bureaucrats tried to sabotage the latest IPCC report by demanding the removal of references to the need to phase out coal. The Prime Minister routinely lies that Australia will easily meets its low-ambition Paris Agreement targets. Australia is the only country in the world to establish an effective, low-cost and highly efficient emissions abatement scheme and then dump it.