This brave person says shut up and stop complaining about flying — it’s marvelous. What’s the bet they travel business class? Why is public transport commuting in the US so terrible? A look at how US transit systems fail with some notable exceptions like New York. Meanwhile, the French are investing over 13 billion euros in new transport infrastructure to 2022, 51% of which will be in rail, with the goal of doubling rail’s share in and around urban centres. 

2+2 = 5

As any public servant knows, there are lots of ways to try to hide embarrassing information. Take Australia’s growing greenhouse emissions, which reached a nadir in 2013 but have surged since then. The most recent figures, for the March quarter, were released by the government late last Friday —  a classic PR technique. They show emissions have continued to rise. But a while back — at about the time we signed up to the Paris agreement — the Department of the Environment changed the way it displayed the data: from showing total emissions to showing per capita emissions. Compare the pages for the September 2015 data and the most recent page: