Australian sport, especially NRL and AFL, is becoming more and more numbers-driven. Tackles, distances run, tries, goals, kicks, handballs, contested marks, line breaks, height, weight, speed -- you name it -- are measured and plotted in the course of a season. It's the difference between winning and losing. TV is just as numbers-driven and has been thus for much longer than sport -- since soon after ratings began measuring performance.

In the end, in TV, ratings (and the demographics of the viewing audience) end up making the decisions. On Tuesday it was the 25 year old NRL Footy Show's turn to be brought down by numbers. Nine says it is replacing the NRL show with two programs that will run after the NRL games on Thursday and Friday. The NRL show was already sort of doing that this year after the Thursday night NRL game, but the format was fiddled with, the personnel changed.