Jordan Peterson 12 Rules For Life
PowerPoint embodied

It’s all coming apart at the seams! This is now quite generally said. Many agree that the fabric of Western society is in tatters, but few can agree to a good remedial thread. Some reckon that when social norms unravel, the market that undid them needs adjusting. This is entirely correct, but in no way practical. As we know, both politicians and economists are powerless to adjust political economies. Their real work is to make individuals adjust to the moral standard they prefer.

From Senator Hanson to Senator Hanson-Young to Stephen Koukoulas, the message is clear: bad people cause bad things to happen. Now, you may see such attempts to adjust the behaviour of various social groups -- homeless millennials, un-Australian schoolgirls, men etc -- as hopeless, anti-intellectual or intrinsically neoliberal. Or, you could just give up.