Former ABC chairman Justin Milne. Image credit: Mick Tsikas/AAP.

Before they take hold in the history of what unfolded at the ABC this week, some key claims need to be shot down.

1. This shows the board was wrong to sack Michelle Guthrie

It's possible to take the view that neither Milne nor Guthrie did the their jobs properly. In fact, that's probably the only rational conclusion when it comes to the task of protecting the ABC. We know for a fact Milne was trying to oust journalists who had displeased the Liberal Party. But what did Guthrie do to defend the ABC? In February, she pointedly refused to express confidence in Emma Alberici at a catastrophic Senate estimates hearing. Guthrie is not a hero of ABC independence just because she didn't sack someone. A good defender of the ABC is across their brief, resolutely responds to criticisms at estimates hearings and in the public domain and lets ABC staff know that they have got their backs and will defend them for doing their jobs. Guthrie did not do that.