The inconsistencies of Labor's trade policy evidently still vex caucus, with members of the left this week again pushing back against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which Labor has decided to wave through parliament despite repeatedly raising concerns about its provisions and having a policy position against key aspects of the secretly negotiated deal. Legislation for the deal went through the House of Representatives last night, despite the fact that even the TPP's spruikers admit its benefits will take over a decade to reach a grand total of less than two days' extra national income a year.

Labor is backing the revised TPP despite its provisions for investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) and waiving labour market testing and despite Labor's own policy of never signing up to a deal with ISDS ever again. The Augustinian logic presented by Jason Clare and the party leadership seems to be that they'll sign on to a deal with ISDS this one last time, but never again, right?