Jeff Bezos extortion national enquirer
Disliker of PowerPoint and unions Jeff Bezos (Image: AP/Cliff Owen)

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos

This time last year, Apple boss Tim Cook spoke with tenderness about his own universal values. Then again, everybody at the inaugural Bloomberg Global Business Forum (BGBF) did the same. Indra Nooyi cheered for “gender inclusion”, presumably her own, which was briefly enjoyed in the C-Suite of Pepsi.  Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba, uttered the words, “inclusive, sustainable, happy, and healthy” to describe nothing, really. Just a list of nice qualities. Justin Trudeau, the 1%'s hunky mascot, turned poverty into a moral failing when he charged the wicked poor with “the politics of envy”. In general, everybody had a marvellous time creating “inclusion”, “justice” and prosperity for all by talking about what nice things these were, then reaffirming the global neoliberal consensus, which only the unpleasant, the poor and envious oppose.