bernard Collaery
Witness K lawyer Bernard Collaery.

As Bernard Keane pointed out yesterday, the Midwinter Ball was the perfect distraction for politicians from the pesky reality of upholding Australian democracy -- namely, the need to challenge the trial of whistle-blower Witness K and his attorney, Bernard Collaery. Elsewhere, more political failures were interrogated by Helen Razer, who wrote on the lack of real movement in the Me Too movement, and the attempt of its gatekeepers to remain apolitical on a fundamentally political problem. 

On Witness K trial apathy

TJS writes: The rather sad thing about the way this government plays the national security card is that many of its policies are contrary to the national security interests. The energy policy makes us vulnerable, the cyber policy makes us vulnerable by opening up attack surfaces for others, this case makes us vulnerable (for a number of reasons). And that’s without even starting on the defence policy.