Scott Morrison
Image credit: Lukas Coch/AAP

Scott Morrison, good old Scomo, daggy Dad, Mr Suburban…well that didn’t last long, did it? He was in trouble even before last night's cataclysmic tweet of a clip of parliament - possibly illegal and featured a song glorifying "no strings attached, sex from the back"and asking n---s, 'who f---ing tonite'. Presumably the question has been taken on notice].

He had already ceased to be Mr Boring, one of us, and become immediately identified as a God-botherer. He started in on the religion thing and then, apparently in answer to a question, suggested that one response to the drought would be to "pray for rain". The remark was immediately jarring, in an Australian political context. Americans see such expressions of faith as heartfelt, a measure of character, even if they don’t share the sentiment. Here, Morrison sounds like the bloke in the blue skivvy at the BBQ, being too friendly, the one you know to avoid.