Peter Dutton

Yesterday, we asked where you thought Peter Dutton should go for a little restorative sojourn (Bernard Keane having recognised some impaired judgement in his recent behaviour). Needless to say, there were more than a few suggestions that Dutton take a trip to one of his own off-shore detention centres, which was about as sympathetic as readers got on the matter. Elsewhere, there was some discussion about the likelihood of a woman candidate winning Wentworth for the Liberal Party, with a consensus that it’s going to take a strong victory to avoid confirming the Libs’ apparent gender bias.

On Peter Dutton’s long, slow crash

Ng JGB writes: Dutton has recently shown that he is unable to count, plan effectively or execute a plan. Even when resorting to stand-over tactics to get his way. Turnbull showed Dutton to be completely out of his depth when under pressure and negotiating a pact, it is probably one of Turnbulls greatest legacies from his time as PM. How could this failure be considered as leadership material in future?

Jimbo from Logan: I feel as much sorrow for Dutton as he feels for the people he’s torturing overseas. Dutton is now unravelling as all his dodgy decisions come back to haunt him. Pro tip: if someone has evidence against you, best not to gratuitously try to humiliate them.

Don George writes: May I suggest that poor old Peter takes a bracing ocean cruise to see the liberating effects of climate change, with a stopover at Rudolf Island in Siberia. Followed by a trip to Norilsk to see the benefits of industry unimpeded by pesky regulations. While being restful, Peter would still be able to add to his understanding of the world and benefit from the experience. It may be difficult for Peter to be cut off from Australia for an extended period but I am sure Australia will cope.

On the chances of the Liberals keeping Wentworth

Bref writes: Whoever the Libs put up, he/she had better be good. If she’s a woman she had better be great, because Wentworth is not a lay down misere. People there thought they knew what they were getting with Turnbull, what they got was Abbott lite and many are not happy. If the Libs put up a woman and she loses, the party will go ballistic, blame it on the fact she’s a woman and put the cause for gender equality in the Liberal party back another decade.

MJM writes: Can a woman save Wentworth for the Libs? No. And if one did what would be the point? Ley and Henderson moved and seconded a motion to cease the live sheep export trade but failed to vote on Monday for this matter to be discussed. Gichuhi and Reynolds have failed to speak up in the Senate about allegations of bullying by colleagues. If they are so willing to comply with the pale, stale, male values of the Lib men why not just have men?

Mpoulos writes: Why are women always called so-so campaigners and not as “polished” as men? What evidence are you basing this on? It is it just a gut feeling by some that the men would be better on the campaign trail? This is how unconscious bias works against women.

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