Scott Morrison Coalition


Elle MacPherson once commented that she never read anything she hadn’t written herself. Scott Morrison is far more expansive — he doesn’t read anything not written in Australia. “I don’t read international fiction. I just don’t relate to it. I’m interested in our stories.” And fair enough too. Meanwhile … Lindy Morrison (no relation we know of) on Brisbane — and Canberra — in the late ’70s. Anne Kellas has a melancholy piece on memory and the present in Hobart and Danielle Scrimshaw on the silence about LGBTI Australians in our history.


Behold the dramatis personae of Facebook’s war on publishing before contemplating Silicon Valley’s latest attempt at ideological self-justification: win-winism. And then there’s Google’s secret, dirty deal with Mastercard for your information. Sigh. Almost makes you think about Christopher Walken’s solution to the problem of Silicon Valley (some View To A Kill trivia: production was held up after Roger Moore accidentally shaved his eyebrow off and couldn’t act for six weeks). Or on a more positive note: the detail of NFL player’s Chris Long’s commitment to genuinely effective philanthropy is impressive (and interesting how education is the philanthropic focus of US athletes, including LeBron James’ staggering level of charitable giving).