Image credit: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Two Fridays ago, Peter Dutton woke up thinking he'd become prime minister that day. So convinced were Dutton and his camp that they had it in the bag that his numbers men went out for dinner the night before the likely spill; the only hurdle, they thought, was getting enough signatories for the party room meeting petition. Turns out they should have stayed at the office working the phones, like Scott Morrison did. They might have found the three votes to stop Morrison winning 45-40.

Expecting to win, Dutton had flown his family down from Queensland. After the defeat, the Duttons went out for lunch, where they were photographed. Politics is a cruel, cruel business, and while many readers will laugh off the idea, it's hard not to feel for anyone put through that emotional wringer, even if by their own ambition.