When, as happens so often in Australia these days, one is thrust from the obscurity of senior ministry into the prime ministership, it is considered good manners to introduce oneself to voters, unless one has already long been a fixture in public life, like Malcolm Turnbull. And so it was that yesterday, Scott Morrison introduced himself to the electorate, in a speech entitled "Until The Bell Rings".

Such introductions entail the difficult task of explaining what you believe in and what your vision for the country is. Difficult because, well, what do you stand for? What kind of Australia would you like to see, beyond some motherhood statements? Julia Gillard lauded hard work and those who set their alarm clocks early, and explained how her party looked with a "jaundiced eye" at "socialites". Stray beyond banalities and you can sound, well, a bit weird.

Morrison, so far, seems to be both. That unprompted tweet about "gender whispering"? That business with the Aussie flag lapel pins? There's much of the ostentatious patriot to Morrison. Earlier in the week he rebranded dispatchable power "fair dinkum power"; we await dinky-di distribution networks and fair crack gentailing. Don't go too Chips Rafferty, PM, or you'll look like Kevin Rudd, shaking his sauce bottle to derision.