Nicholas Gruen delves deep into what our economic reform priorities should be in an age of scandals, misconduct and deeply flawed markets while John Quiggin concludes our financial system is so broken it won’t be fixed without another financial crisis. Also, the downsides of competition: how the clash between Protestantism and Catholicism correlates with the European witchcrazes. Elsewhere, Donald Trump discovers News Corp’s view of South Africa, so here are some facts about “land seizures” there.


Listen, America, Martin Luther King Jr was an angry radical socialist, not the benign equality-dreaming myth used by capitalism to sell crap and while we’re on religious activists, how Christian missionaries spoiled British imperialism — which was presumably previously wonderful — in 19th century India … and how Nietzsche was saved from, and then stolen again, by Nazism. By the way, if you’re ever interested in Nietzsche’s approach to Socrates, I wrote a rather fine essay in third year on it.