Yongah Hill

We hear Yongah Hill's detainees are being threatened with transferral after the weekend riots. Is Windsor about to cause Joyce yet more anguish? And Tony Abbott shows he either has a quite magnificent sense of irony or absolutely none at all. From the Crikey grapevine, it's the latest tips and rumours…

Yongah Hill to close? We've heard that Yongah Hill -- the immigration detention centre in WA that was the site of an attempted suicide and riot over the weekend -- is to be closed, and its detainees are to be transferred to an as-yet undisclosed location. "Don't ask me where," a tipster said. They told us this could also simply be a tactic it's not uncommon for the threat of transferal to be used to "keep order". We asked Border Force if there was any truth to this, and they directed us to a statement that said detainees would have to be moved due to damage to the centre:

As a result of this incident some detainees from Yongha Hill will need to be transferred within the broader detention network while repairs are carried out. While investigations are ongoing and to ensure the safety and security of the centre, we will not be providing further comment on the incident or detainee movements.