Former Donald Trump advisor and Breitbart editor Steve Bannon

Massive kudos.” “Interview of the year.” “Legendary.” Such were the gifts from the workers to their queen. The Monday night buzz in legacy media was for Four Corners and its majesty. Sarah Ferguson’s “match up” with Steve Bannon was not “gobsmackingly” good. It was a smack to the gob of good sense. Still, some journalists saw “strength” in Ferguson. Me? I saw a soft-tissue massage.

This cannot be “current affairs”. Surely, this was not praised by other journalists as “world class”, “masterful” or as anything short of a horror. A horror that has mistaken itself for a romantic comedy in which Meg Ryan is the lead. Meg meets her fiery “match” in a book-shop parcel mix-up. He has her Margaret Atwood novels. She has his Milo Yiannopoulos.