Scott Morrison

The media wants you to think that Scott Morrison is just a "normal bloke", Steve Bannon invited and uninvited from the New Yorker Festival, Reuters journalists jailed in Myanmar, and other media tidbits of the day.

ScoMo's charm offensive. Scott Morrison has been doing the rounds of friendly media interviews since his ascension to the post of prime minister just over a week ago. After interviews with the Sunday News Corp metro papers' Annika Smethurst, Morrison has given his time to 3AW's Neil Mitchell in Melbourne, and Ian 'Macca' McNamara's Australia All Over program on ABC radio.

Last night, his first "exclusive" television interview went to Channel Nine's A Current Affair, with host Tracy Grimshaw sitting down at home with the new PM and the "charming new first lady, Jenny from the Shire". And, as with most of the coverage so far, Morrison was painted as your everyday bloke, just paying off his mortgage and living in the suburbs.