Angus Taylor

Angus Taylor actually, literally, hides from the media glare; the flyers have started for Victoria's upcoming state election; and an anatomy of how you wipe out $600 million in a single day. From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours…

Taylor not energised. With the recent knifing reshuffle, Angus Taylor has just agreed to guzzle from the poisoned chalice of the energy portfolio -- or, in typically Scott Morrison 'hardline conservatism masquerading as folksy common sense' speak, the "minister for getting electricity prices down". Taylor gave his first speech as minister yesterday at a small business summit in Sydney, and notably denied he was a climate skeptic. Apparently though, he was not so confident in his few policies that he was willing to answer any questions about them. A tipster at the event told us that, after his speech, he barricaded himself in the ironically named "media room" with all the doors closed for roughly half an hour before ducking out a back door as quick as he could. "Farcical" was how our tipster put it. 

Labor's middle class pitch. The flyers have started to circulate for the upcoming Victorian state election. A tipster sent us through what they were handed by some Labor volunteers earlier this week at the Prahran train station, shilling for their candidate Neil Pharaoh. The seat has swung between Liberal and Labor before the Greens scraped home in 2014. Labor, hoping to claw it back for the first time since 2010 are offering "fairness and a more progressive society", with an "Australia-first" medical cannabis program, plastic bag bans, and "Australia's first equality minister" alongside more concrete policy positions like "record mental health investment" and "ambitious renewable energy targets":