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NT News has its own "final solution" controversy, Bunnings snags a top spot over the ABC in trust rankings, News Corp expands online real estate business, plus other media tidbits from the day.

NT News Holocaust text breaches standards. The Australian Press Council has found the NT News in breach of its standards, after featuring a text message about Eurovision that referred to the "final solution". Published in the "Txt the editor" section, the May 17 edition of the paper included a text message referring to Israel winning the song competition's grand final: "I am not happy about the Eurovision winner and I would prefer another grand final solution". The NT News told the Press Council the message was not a reference to the Holocaust:

The publication said it is aware of the significance of the phrase, but the reference in the text message was to a 'grand final solution', not the 'final solution' phrase with Holocaust connotations, and that the Eurovision Song Contest has a 'Grand Final', being the stage at which the winner is determined.