Scott Morrison lapel pin

For each of you today, I gave you a lapel pin with the Australian flag on it. I've been wearing this now for many, many years. I can't remember when I started doing this. The reason I wear it is because it reminds me every single day whose side I'm on. I'm on the stride [sic] of the Australian people, that's what I'm saying to myself, that's who I think about first... I gave that to you as a reminder today of how I remind myself. 

Scott Morrison to cabinet, August 28 2018

We all need aides-memoire in our professional lives; the to-do list, the Outlook reminder and the phone alarm are indispensable parts of our working day. Scott Morrison, in the demanding position of senior minister and now as Prime Minister, doubtless needs them as much as anyone. And even more so, judging by his comments yesterday, for he has seemingly long struggled with remembering not merely which meeting he has at 2pm, but for whom he works. Or, more accurately, whose side he is on -- an interesting distinction, possibly without a difference.