It’s been an enormous news week. Have you been able to keep up?

  1. What’s the name of Sam Dastyari’s new Channel Ten show?
  2. Gary Spence is the state president of which conservative party?
  3. Why did ABC newsreader Ali Clarke break down on air this week?
  4. Why did broadcaster Ray Hadley face “controversy” for reading out a text message he had received from an anonymous source?
  5. Why did Australian school children dress up for school this week?
  6. What do Scott Morrison and Justin Bieber have in common?
  7. How many people were touted to be running for the Liberal leadership this week?
  8. What was the final vote count in the leadership spill between Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison?
  9. Which former St George Illawarra player died this week?
  10. Of the 18 charges against Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, how many was he found guilty of?

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