The Grazier Grazes the Hotelier Tips His Drink Over the Cultural Marxists… Oh, and The Senator Didn’t Think About the Connect in ‘final solution to immigration problem’…?

An emphatic rejection of Australian senator Fraser Anning’s ‘maiden’ parliamentary [hate] speech (14th August, 2018)

On the bare earth — stripped back so the gidday
          carries across the curve of the world — a hotel of beery
          wisdom rises from the ash of scrub, enigma code
for the crimson threads of white seersucker (etymology:

Persian) that will march out under the banner of kinship,
         but not in ‘lock-step’ like the Commies, surely? Just
         the good ol’ soldierly march of assimilatory ‘small’
government, your down home white citizens armed and sporting

the uniform of cohesion — the end-of-day bivouac a ‘pre-Whitlam
         consensus’ with rousing campfire speeches in fire season:
         STOP ‘white flight’ and NOTE that ‘The first terrorist act
on Australian soil was in…’. Stumped. 1788? No? Hard

to get a fix? Channelling Founding Fathers always helps
         the behind-the-scenes (smirking) propagandist — destroyer
         of metaphors. Coal! Ports! Massive dams — the entire
continent as a dam— water water everywhere! Easy as speech. The mouth

too dry to respond. And no more Muslims — that’s the linchpin
        to the Restoration. Sorry, sister-in-law, sorry brother,
        but all those intricacies of presence have been
ironed out and you’re out! The weekend soldier at the back

of the line is yelling, ‘Ethnicity is not just skin deep…’ which grants him
        immunity from hate crimes? The final solution
        (it triggers a gag reflex just to utter it, mate!) is, of course,
‘…a popular vote’… rousing the country to get at each other’s

throats, to unravel those ‘crimson threads of kinship’ that aren’t kin
to the senator. To clear the way for the old new order.